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Charge 8 iPads or Tablets + Cambrionix Series8 Charger station

9 063 kr 7 250 kr
Shipment in 1-2 weeks

Charge 8 iPads & Tablets + 1. pcs of Cambrionix Series8 Charger stations

Multiple Charge Case for up to 8 iPads & Tablets with or without cover. This Charge Case is a robust portable case easy to move around, designed for 8 iPads, Tablets etc. This case provide charging and secure storage for up to 8 iPads & Tablets with covers.

The all-new iPad Transport Case is ideal if you need to safely store and/or transport multiple Apple iPad tablet computers in bulk, whether they're being used by students, trainees, employees, conference attendees or any other group of users. The Transport Case is particularly handy for schools, colleges and universities - but will also prove useful for business conferences, exhibitions and training courses.

Built to protect. Built to last.

The case allows you to transport and protect multiple iPads & Tablets keeping them safe and secure even under the most adverse conditions. Based around the MAX505H280 case with wheels, you benefit from all the strengths and features of a world class case.

All in one case.

A CNC-cut foam insert holds each Tablet computer plus space for cables, chargers and accessories. The case also boasts telescopic handles that lock in place plus rugged in-line wheels for ease of transport. Even when full with iPads, power adapters and cables.

Mer information
Sync. No sync
Charge Any USB chargeable device up to 8 devices
Cover Yes
Weight 5.800000
Färg Sort
External dimensions 802 x 520 x 316 mm
Warranty 2 Years
Custom Stock Status Shipment in 1-2 weeks
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