3D Design Services

3D Design Services

3D Design of Cases and Foam Inserts..

Our designers are happy to help you design your case or foam solution. This whether you need a foam device for your equipment, a presentation box or a new case for product packaging. For the more specific projects, we can also design and design solutions that need to be offshore or comply with military application requirements.

With us, we always start listening to our customers, addressing their needs and through our expertise advise on everything from material selection to delivery times and prices. We would like to introduce new techniques and materials to meet the growing demands of the various industries in terms of safety, practical handling, prices and delivery times. In short, we are with customers all the way from idea to prepacked suitcase.

Our production ....

  • CNC machines for cutting / milling sheets for production of flight cases, etc.
  • CNC milling for and cutting of foam
  • Cutting plant for aluminum profiles
  • Workshop for special equipment
  • We offer the complete range of foam conversion process activities

Here's how you do it?...

We would like to offer a non-binding offer on a project, whether you need 1 piece. or several thousand pcs. We make cases for all industries of military equipment and also foam inserts. The best is if you can send a picture or drawing of your equipment or products to our sales department. Please also include the required case and qty. Then we provide a non-binding offer. If you do not know which case to use, please state what the case will be used for. Eg. presentation, transportation, offshore, etc. We will advise you on the best solution