Shock Mount Rack

Shock Mount Rack

Custom Shock Mount Rack

Custom industrial Rack comes as a fixed rail version or with the chassis suspension-mounted on 8 rubber anti-vibration mounts. Both come in a professional black plywood, laminated surface, plastic or composite material. With our special composite material you can reduce the total weight with up to 50 % compared with a Rack made of plywood.

We offer a wide range of optional extras, such as dishes, ventilation, wheel boards and support shelves, are also available

The suspended racks are not only lighter but also offer increased protection against vibration and the floating frame provides better all-round ventilation for equipment. A side-stiffening plate is used in all racks, 16U or greater. Elastomeric mounts come in 2 different hardness options depending on the combined weight of the chassis and the payload

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Shock Mount Rack System

Download PDF for documentation for our Shock Mount System

Download PDF documentation for Flightcases Shock Mount System her.

19"-12U-700 Custom Shock Mount Rack

Custom Made Shock Mount Rack 19"-12U-700. 12 Unit Rack og 700 mm dyb.



Mobilt Custom Shock Mount Rack

Custom made Flight Cases Shock Mount Rack, with extendable shelf. Lightweight custom shock mount Rack. Panel in Lightweight plastic (PP). All fittings in black and extrusion in black anodized aluminium

Stackable up to 5 Rack on top of each other and a very low weight of only 15 kg.g.

Custom Shock Mount Rack